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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

General Terms of Sale


A.  All prices quoted are for immediate acceptance and are subject to

      change without notice.


B.  Obligation on Beckett Corporation to provide products at these prices

      is not in itself implied by mere possession of this price schedule. 


                        C.  All weights, descriptions, dimensions approximate.


            D.  We reserve the right to make changes, which in our opinion will

                      improve our products, both in design and/or specification.

                      Therefore, all sizes, weights, dimensions, colors, designs, packages

                      and packing quantities are subject to change without notice.


E.  No returns of any kind may be made unless prior written authorization is

     given by Beckett Corporation’s Main Office. All returns are to be made

                     at customer’s expense. Merchandise returns are subject to a 25% handling  

     charge. Any repacking cost necessary to put merchandise in original

     shipping condition will be charged to original purchaser. 


F.  Beckett Corporation will not allow credit for defective merchandise unless

      notified in writing within 30 days from date of shipment.


G.  Title of merchandise ordered is transferred to purchaser upon delivery to

      the transportation company. Claims for damage or loss in transit must be

      made against the carrier and not Beckett Corporation as all the corporation’s 

      shipments are delivered to the carrier in marketable condition.


H.  We reserve the right to examine all merchandise claimed to be defective

       prior to the authorization of a return or issuance of any credit.


I.   Each order accepted will be governed by terms of sale.


            J.   Except as otherwise expressly stipulated herein, Beckett Corporation does

                       not warrant merchandise covered by this Order.


         K.  Beckett Corporation’s liability shall be limited to the stated selling price

                  per unit of any defective goods, and in no event include Buyer’s cost, lost  

                  profit or good will, or any other special or consequential damages.


L. Title to all goods passes to Buyer upon manufacturer’s delivery to carrier

     at point of shipment.


M. We are not responsible for delays in transit of merchandise and our terms

      of sale are not affected by such delays.