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Benefits of Installing Water Garden Fountains

There are many benefits to installing garden water fountains in your yard or garden area.  Some of them are as simple as the soothing sound of water, but others are as important as providing an area for pollinating birds to … Continue reading

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How to Select an Outdoor Fountain

The soothing sound of flowing water makes any space relaxing as well as attracting birds and other wildlife. Beatifying your garden is easier today with such a broad selection of fountain styles available for purchase. There are so many to … Continue reading

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Can a submersible pump be repaired?

Any damage to a powercord on a submersible pump is not repairable and is a safety hazard. Most impellers can be replaced but check with Customer Care to be sure you get the exact replacment. If your pump is tripping … Continue reading

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What percentage of the surface of my pond should be covered with plants? Why?

You should cover about 60% of your pond surface with floating plants and plants with floating foliage. Too much light penetrating the water surface causes an overgrowth of algae. In addition to blocking UV light plants compete for the same … Continue reading

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Should I run my pond pump all year long?

Fish and other biological activity slow down drastically once water temps drop below 50 degrees F. You can continue to run pumps for water features like fountain nozzles and waterfalls as desired but the fish and natural bacteria do not … Continue reading

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Will freezing and thawing crack my preformed pond?

Because they’re made from high-molecular weight polyethylene, preformed ponds resist freezing, and withstand the pressure of frequent freezing and thawing.

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How much liner should I leave at the edge of a pond when I’m setting it up?

Before you purchase your liner, calculate an excess of at least 6-12″ of liner around the entire perimeter of the pond.

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How are PVC and EPDM liners different?

EPDM liners stay pliable in very cold temperatures because they are rubber based. EPDM liners are 45 mil think. However, PVC liners are lighter and easier to manipulate because they are plastic based. PVC liners are 20 mil thick.

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Can I use pool or roofing liner in my pond?

We never recommend pool and roofing liner for use in water gardens. These materials are not produced with fish safe material and may kill your fish, water plants and other aquatic life.

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Water Garden Videos


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